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Gurung Honey Hunters - Andrew Newey via The Guardian.

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Robbie Williams – Millennium (10 plays)


Robbie Williams


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oh man haha

i just finally finished gossip girl. not really sure what to say about that even though i knew it was coming because that happened a year ago and the internet.

but i kind of feel like going back and watching the first couple of seasons just to look for inconsistencies and relish in how enjoyable the show still was despite how silly and fun it was

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So. At the 55 second mark. That is our website appearing on a trailer for the next gen version of Rayman Legends. We aren’t bunched in at the beginning with a bunch of other names. We appear separately along with Washington Post and IGN.

Gaming Illustrated gave it platformer of the year and Ubisoft contacted us about putting our name in the trailer. I didn’t think it would be this great. 

A sort of win for me was that I wrote the section on platformers. I know the words are just “Gorgeous Graphics” but I fucking swear to god.

I think I’m about to tear up.