"I didn’t want to bungle or bobble the Fingal doppel!"
"An anteater… maybe." "WHOA huge slam on anteaters out of nowhere!"

"I didn’t want to bungle or bobble the Fingal doppel!"

"An anteater… maybe." "WHOA huge slam on anteaters out of nowhere!"

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i only have one beer out of two left. this week was hell. three days straight of having to be at work at 7 in the morning with around 4-6 hours of sleep at best. fourth day the same thing happened but i was so burnt out from work that i didn’t realize i was supposed to come in at 7 p.m. 

so i decided to kill myself. but now i get two days off (though i’m scared i’m going to get called in because reasons and then i have to close on christmas eve and then work on the 26th where i will be marking items down for clearance.

oh god. jesus is lord


It really sucks working in retail when customers come in right at closing and take their sweet time shopping, and by store policy you can not tell them to leave…therefore resulting in getting out one hour after closing AND getting a new asshole torn by my boss for staying late. PLEASE be considerate holiday shoppers people.



December 15, 2013 at 08:09PM

kill everyone


December 15, 2013 at 08:09PM

kill everyone

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cool someone remembered to bring along their $500 digital camera 

The poor-by-choice strike again!!

Look at the contents of the refrigerator: dumpster-diving to offset the cost of expensive omega-3 supplements and organic canned chickpeas. See also: expensive tile job on kitchen floor.


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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?

is it the thing where you know it is going to taste bad because of the smell? as in, the taste is exactly like the smell??

i have no fucking clue what it is. do you use filters? i want to say that that might be the cause since one filter has too much something in it but that doesn’t seem right. because i had the problem when i was using a wire filter or something.

maybe it is the heat in the plastic of the coffee maker that is doing something?

to people who make their own coffee (brew it in a pot):

do you ever get this weird smell/taste combination for no explainable reason? it happens to me every now and then and i don’t really know why. it’s like the pot was dirty or the filter or something even though you cleaned it. 

basically: for no reason at all your coffee has this somewhat bad, almost chemical taste in one pot but in the previous or next pot it tastes completely okay.

i can’t figure out what the fuck is going on.

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i cannot sleep. i am so fucking tired and exhausted that i’m at that point where it’s too hard to go to sleep.

today sucked fucking ass. i went into work at 4 and within an hour i had a slowly developing migraine. had to ask someone for advil and it went away for a bit but it came back not long after. got to leave around 11 because good for extended holiday hours ha ha. and just stared at the computer with a headache. and even if i close my eyes i won’t fall asleep or get tired but it’s probably my poor eyes but what else is there to do aside from stare at things.obviously not listen to music because the pounding would make my head feel worse. oh well.

1:30 in the morning and i feel like making coffee. except i am drinking way too much coffee these days as well. that’s probably not good.

this fucking kid at work was a new kid at work and he was there for maybe a month and i guess he got a new job or something but two weeks ago he fucked us over when he “hurt his foot” and had to go file a report instead of trying to help out before leaving. didn’t show up for a week, his mom called in for him a day after he was a no call no show. still doesn’t show up someone says he has something wrong with him. shows up yesterday but quits today. apparently he had a cyst or something in his head? i don’t know the kid was pretty fucking weird and he said some strange shit.

i guess it didn’t really affect me at all though because i barely work in the backroom anymore since they brought mr johnny golden boy on. well i guess the manager will think twice about putting new people in the backroom because the two that were back there are long gone. oops.

i just want to make money playing and writing about video games. where is that ticket for that train ride?

that coffee sounds really good right about now.

i did an interview with the co-founder of the company that made this game
just putting it out there….yeah

i did an interview with the co-founder of the company that made this game

just putting it out there….yeah

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